Better Than Last Year

Happy new year everyone! Wanted to tell you guys a story to kick off the new year. Back when I was in high school in Phoenixville Pennsylvania I had a friend named Chris Jacobs. We were never the closest of friends, but something he said to me one new years eve stuck with me ever since… It was around 1998 or so… I remember we were discussing New Years Resolutions. Someone asked him what his was and in a cynical and sad tone Chris said “better than last year”. Chris was saying this implying that last year sucked. I remember thinking that was such a shitty way to look at things. I never wanted that for myself… Yet somehow, every single New Years has reminded me of that. This year was no exception. But when the thought “better than last year” came up this time around, it had an entirely different feeling to me. Last year was a year of exponential growth for me. I learned a ton about business, about life, and most importantly about myself. I started a business and quit my … [Read more...]