Could This One Thing Be Holding You Back?

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Entrepreneurs often express their frustrations around success to me.

The know they’ve got the knowledge and skills to be successful.

But they feel like they’re not making any progress and that they’re just spinning their wheels.

Time and time again entrepreneurs ask me  “What shifted for you that allowed you to achieve what you have?”

I wanted to take the time to answer that question.

In this short video below I share with you exactly what changed for me. Enjoy.

Do you want to hear about the daily practice I mentioned towards the end of the video?

If so, comment below and let me know. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and remember, just ask yourself “Do you want it bad enough?”


P.S If you know anyone who you think could benefit from watching this video, go ahead and share it.

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  • akbrouwer4

    Yeah man, I’d like to hear more.. all about taking action and pushing threw the crap..

    • Carl

      Cool man. Plenty of people are into it so it’s coming.

  • Trevor Dehart

    Thanks Carl. I think you are absolutely right if anyone is 100% comited they will find a way past the obstacles. I know that this is a problem I have and would love to here more about your daily practice.

  • Win Nguyen

    Fuck I hate that it is the truth, Carl!

    I’d been “trying” to muster the motivation and the drive to get back to being “productive” and “getting shit done”. And at one point I just kind of let go of my own expectations of what I’m supposed to accomplish because there were long stretches of days when I beat myself up everyday for not being able to do anything “productive.”

    Going back to the drawing board is right. Getting back to the why, the REAL whys. And it’s easy (for me anyways) to fool myself of what my real drivers are. Still a digging in process, but thank you for calling it out!

    • Carl

      Right on man.

  • Jonathan VanHorn

    Complacency and distractions are the two largest challenges I face everyday. Very on point, Carl.

    Chasing opportunity is easy, focusing is HARD. Keep fighting the good fight buddy.

    • Carl

      Thanks man

  • Jason Hagerup

    That resonates with me (in a better take some action kind of way). I’d love to hear more about your mindset and process. Just listening to your video gave some good ideas for myself already too. Thanks for sharing.

  • JackMSVaughan

    Definitely want to hear the details behind that process man.

  • Patrick Bukala

    “If you’re really…TOTALLY like… ARGG like COMMITTED” SHIT! The energy in that sentence was insane Carl. Literally got me out of my seat!

    I know I want it, but WHY do I really want it? This video has reminded me I have a lot of digging to do in order to really find that hunger for success you speak of.

    I’m not gonna lie and say I want it 100% because I don’t. It’s the reason why I haven’t hit the goals I was supposed to hit this year. I think my most important goal now, for the rest of this year, is to dig deep and find that hunger. Thanks Carl!

    • Carl

      Thanks man! Hope you’re having a good time in Bali!

  • Bryan Leeds

    Great video Carl. For sure want to hear about your daily practice

  • Brian Lewis

    Yep. Want to know what you do. Thanks for the video

  • timdanyo

    This takes me back to our coaching sessions. This persistent voice of “How bad do you really want this? This is hard work! Are you 100%? Do your previous actions verify your determination or lack thereof?” Thanks man. I mean it. This is what coaches do. They’re the freakin voice in your head that is driving this stuff towards clarity. It really just becomes our own voice in a little while.

    • Carl

      THanks man. Miss you. Hope you are doing awesome!

  • David Webb

    Hey Carl, I’m curious to know what helped you define your moment of ‘ I want this bad enough?’. Was there a specific Moment! that helped steer you towards the path you wanted to follow? I find this talk of ‘I want it enough’ a bit ethereal. I’m a numbers man and so what points do you measure to help you understand the level you are achieving?

    • Carl

      David – I’m a numbers guy too. But its hard to put numbers to feelings. I suppose you could try. For me, I was at tesla staring at an HR sign that was on the wall behind a urinal while I was taking a piss. It was my first week there. I was sick (literally) and I’m sure it was stress induced. I was not happy being back there working for the man. I knew I loved my coworkers and what I was doing at Tesla. So it made me realize for once and all enough was enough. At that moment, my desire to not feel like shit overcame my fears of fucking doing it. Hope that helps.

  • Peter Twenties

    I’d love to see your daily exercise you do Carl!

    • Carl

      Thanks will do.

  • Sheila

    Agree 100% !! At some point, you’d have to want it so bad that you’re willing to drop everything to be all in. It really is that simple. And it’s hard to build up the resilience to get persist and endure the process, but that vision has to be so clear in your mind that it outweighs the challenges and sacrifices along the way.
    Thanks Carl ! Nice to see you being more expressive these days. =P

    • Carl

      Thanks Sheila!

  • Trip Baker

    Great post Carl. You are spot on about wanting it badly enough. I’ve seen how as I’ve focused on the end goal and the work to get there, everything else seems to fade into the background. I am interested in hearing about your daily ritual.

    I’ve noticed for me there are days when I am super locked on and effective and there are other days that I seem like I’m just going through the motions. Getting to a point where I am consistently focused would be helpful.

  • Cesar Camacho

    Hey Carl,

    Nice video! I can see where you are coming from and as a lot people here I do agree with what you are
    saying! Please do share what you do day after day to keep on track!!!

    I’m sure it will help a lot of us!


  • Stephen Bukowski

    I love that you’re standing in this video. Sitting is the new smoking. Get off your arse!!!

  • Drew Stout

    Dude! I don’t think that I have EVER thanked someone for kicking me square in the jimmy before but….THANKS CARL!!

    How is this for wanting it enough:
    I often have to get up at 5 to make it to work in the morning. I now rise at 4 am to work.
    I often have to work until 11 at night also and don’t get to bed until midnight. I now stay up until 1 am working. These two shifts don’t often happen back to back thankfully.

    This it the last time I say “This is the last time”!!!

  • Arne

    I used to have the “Rise and Shine” motivation video as my morning kink in the rear. I think this straight up statement that I just don’t want it bad enough is going to replace that in my morning routine. Thanks!