From the Couch To 5-Figures Per Month in Half a Year with Dwight Peters

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6 months ago Dwight was sleeping on his friends couch with no idea… He then launched BackersHub and got his first 3 sales in under 3 weeks. Now BackersHub brings in over 5-Figures per month! In this video, you’ll learn how he did it, but also have a chance at a HUGE opportunity.

Do you want to start a physical product business?

If you listen till the end, you’ll have the chance to create a physical product business, side-by-side with Dwight for FREE!  This is amazing because it includes:

  • Access his list of over 7.5K Backers to validate and improve your idea and campaign
  • Leverage the BackersHub community to build a list of your own before launching
  • Launch an almost guaranteed successful campaign on Kickstarter that will be the beginning of a profitable business.

Watch it now 🙂

Leave a question or a thanks to Dwight in the comments. He’ll be watching.


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  • matt shanklin

    Awesome video and a great story. Congrats Dwight!!!!!

    Hey Carl, I’ve been reading your blog posts and watching your videos which have motivated me to do the same and begin IE on two markets. I have a few of questions I hope you can help me out with.

    1. How did you proceed to select Physical Therapists as your target market when there are already a ton of other software solutions that seem to have great reviews already? Were you not worried?
    – One of my limiting beliefs is not finding a real need or problem because there are so many other softwares that people rave about to the point where I think it’s not worth it to stay in the niche as everything is solved already.
    2. Did you talk with the Therapists only or also the office managers as they handle the day-to-day activities?
    – I seem to get the office managers on the phone easily but challenged to get the doctor.

    Any feedback would be truly appreciated. Thank you so much.


    • King

      watch his interview on the foundation- it’s like 65 minutes long. he goes into this.

    • Carl

      Hey Matt – Competition is good. It means people are making cash in the market. You just need to build something that is not already solved or better than what is out there.

      I mostly spoke to practice owners.