Weird Tricks to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Hey everybody, Lots of people seem to be having trouble finding personal email addresses for people or decision makers in their market. Never fear, I've got you covered. Today’s post might be the easiest I’ll ever have to write. Reason is, I am going to give you the exact instructions I give my VAs to find these email addresses for me. These options might seem labor intensive and some of them are… But, when you can outsource it for a couple dollars an hour, it makes a lot of sense… Especially if you are not just doing “idea extraction” and have a specific target within your market like I do… That said, let’s get started. Start with directories Most markets have directories that list contacts within that market. This is the first thing you should look for once you pick your market. The easiest way to get emails is to scrape on of these lists. To find them search for {your market name} + {directory} or {your market name} + {association}. I just randomly tried this … [Read more...]

How to connect with your market to find a painful problem

Last post, I showed you how I chose my market. The next step reach out to them so you can ask them questions to find a painful problem that will lead you to building your first product. In this post you will learn my approach to reaching out to a market. It’s not the only way, but it’s what worked for me. Mindset When you are going to reach out to your market, the first thing you should do is think about where they are and what they are doing all day. For me, I knew physical therapists were busy with patients all day, so calling them and interrupting when they are with a patient is not a good idea. Email was the obvious first choice. Other markets that are manning the phones all day, like car dealers, might be easiest to cold call. Thinking this way is a great start, but next you want to take action and make some calls or send some emails to see what works. You won’t know what works until you test things out… I've seen people have success with cold calls, emails, LinkedIn … [Read more...]

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You

Loads of people have been asking me how I went about choosing my market and how I got to physical therapy practice owners. Choosing the right market for can make or break your situation. Yet many people overlook it completely and grasp at markets they've heard of others doing or just guess. You can build an amazing product that solves a real problem… But if you choose the wrong market there could be: - Not enough people to sell it to - The market could not have enough money to pay for it - Or you could build the product and eventually self-sabotage because you are not really interested in the market. In this post I’ll show you how I chose my market and I’ll share a few different resources I used to learn more (including how you can use a franchise business to give you all the info you need). Make a list of market ideas There are 2 ways of going about this. The first, is to list off industries you are interested in or that you think could be a good fit, then cut … [Read more...]