How I improve my focus and boost productivity

I shot this video to talk about a productivity hack I think you might like. It's something I've been using to improve my focus and get more shit done. Basically, it's a supplement called L-Theanine. When you take L-Theanine with caffeine it really helps to take all the negative effects out of caffeine and leaves you with clear, calm focus and productive energy. And as I love it so much, I've recently got involved in a start-up that's creating supplements for entrepreneurs and their first product is L-Theanine. So, because of that I can get you a 50% discount if you'd like to try it out. If you're interested, just email me at and we'll get you an exclusive coupon code. And, if you know anyone who'd be interested then feel free to share this page with them … [Read more...]

My Morning Routine

  At first, I didn’t want to share this… In fact, even after making the video, I almost decided to cancel the whole post because it’s kind of personal.. But it’s Thanksgiving today, and I’m thankful for all of you. Because each of you is fighting to live your life the way you want to. I really value that and I want to support it. And so, I want to share this personal part of my day (my morning routine) with you because I feel it’s the key to what gives me a productive, happy and awesome day. I actually mentioned this in a previous blog post and after that went live I got a flood of requests to get into more detail. So watch the video below, then check out the rest of the post if you’d like to hear more... When I was first starting my entrepreneurial journey, I’d often wake up with all sorts of crap on my mind that would weigh me down… What if I can’t find a problem worth creating a product for? Will people think I’m … [Read more...]

Could This One Thing Be Holding You Back?

Hey, Entrepreneurs often express their frustrations around success to me. The know they’ve got the knowledge and skills to be successful. But they feel like they’re not making any progress and that they’re just spinning their wheels. Time and time again entrepreneurs ask me  “What shifted for you that allowed you to achieve what you have?” I wanted to take the time to answer that question. In this short video below I share with you exactly what changed for me. Enjoy. Do you want to hear about the daily practice I mentioned towards the end of the video? If so, comment below and let me know.  Looking forward to hearing from you and remember, just ask yourself "Do you want it bad enough?" Carl P.S If you know anyone who you think could benefit from watching this video, go ahead and share it. … [Read more...]

New Month, New Me, New Content…

Yup, I’m back. I know it’s been a while since I wrote a new post and I’d love to give you an excuse as to why I’ve not been putting out new blog content, but I don’t have one. Simply put, I wasn’t prioritizing my blog, but that is all going to change. Starting here. Today. One of my life's driving forces is sharing my experiences, helping others and connecting with awesome like-minded people. So, to that end, I’ve set a goal to consistently put out new content for you, and if I don’t, I want you to call me out on it. I want to start this new goal with a video that fills in the blanks of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing and some recent wins I’ve had. The past few months have been pretty incredible and I’ve got a lot of cool updates to tell you about.   BTW if you never want to miss another post, as well as get access to my “insider material” make sure you join my mailing list. So, now we’ve got reacquainted with … [Read more...]

Who Else Wants To Earn An Extra 1K Per Month?

Wanna earn some passive income? I’ve been in this online world for a while, and this is the simplest way to make an extra few thousand per month I’ve ever seen. It requires no selling because it harnesses the power of a marketplace with a massive demand that already exists. Seriously, all you have to do is the work and it will work and I’ve seen it happen. It made me skeptical at first, because usually when I hear about something like this it’s slimy and I worry that it’s not creating real value. But this is different and I would never share something I didn’t believe in. You can make an extra few grand and actually do something good for the world (as long as you yourself have integrity and treat the process that way). The marketplace is amazon and my friend Pete has mastered the process of getting this done to create the highest return on each book created. I’ve heard lots of others doing this but have personally seen several of friends mentored by Pete through this process … [Read more...]