From the Couch To 5-Figures Per Month in Half a Year with Dwight Peters

6 months ago Dwight was sleeping on his friends couch with no idea... He then launched BackersHub and got his first 3 sales in under 3 weeks. Now BackersHub brings in over 5-Figures per month! In this video, you'll learn how he did it, but also have a chance at a HUGE opportunity. Do you want to start a physical product business? If you listen till the end, you’ll have the chance to create a physical product business, side-by-side with Dwight for FREE!  This is amazing because it includes: Access his list of over 7.5K Backers to validate and improve your idea and campaign Leverage the BackersHub community to build a list of your own before launching Launch an almost guaranteed successful campaign on Kickstarter that will be the beginning of a profitable business. Watch it now :) Leave a question or a thanks to Dwight in the comments. He'll be watching. Links: BackersHub Click Here To Apply To Start Your Physical Product … [Read more...]

Better Than Last Year

Happy new year everyone! Wanted to tell you guys a story to kick off the new year. Back when I was in high school in Phoenixville Pennsylvania I had a friend named Chris Jacobs. We were never the closest of friends, but something he said to me one new years eve stuck with me ever since… It was around 1998 or so… I remember we were discussing New Years Resolutions. Someone asked him what his was and in a cynical and sad tone Chris said “better than last year”. Chris was saying this implying that last year sucked. I remember thinking that was such a shitty way to look at things. I never wanted that for myself… Yet somehow, every single New Years has reminded me of that. This year was no exception. But when the thought “better than last year” came up this time around, it had an entirely different feeling to me. Last year was a year of exponential growth for me. I learned a ton about business, about life, and most importantly about myself. I started a business and quit my … [Read more...]

Is Your Idea Worth Building? Follow These Steps to Find Out…

Hey Everybody, Sorry for my long hiatus from posting… I’ve been swamped (all good stuff)... But helping you all is really my favorite thing to do, so from now on you will get a post from me each week. Some might be short, but I’m setting a goal to be consistent. Please call me out by emailing me if I dont :) Last time you saw Josh Isaak perform idea extraction on me, uncover a painful area, and then dig deep to uncover exactly what the real problem was for me. Today I’m going to cover a super important skill called price anchoring. Price anchoring is a skill you can use to find out the value your product brings to your clients. It can help you with understanding the viability of a product idea (in idea extraction), sales, copywriting, and with negotiations. In this example, we’ll focus on asking questions to uncover the viability of a product since that’s where most of you guys stand right now. In doing this, before you start price anchoring you should: 1 … [Read more...]

Live Video: Dig Deep to Find the MOST Painful Problem

Last week I showed you the first steps to how you can pull a business out of thin air. Today, I've got something super exciting for you. I'm going to tell you the biggest thing mistake people make during idea extraction... That mistake is failure to dig deep enough and find the source of the problem. Without digging deeper and finding the single most painful problem, you end up dealing with people asking for something that is very big. Like a system that handles all their needs. Or a system that handles an entire portion of their business. Unless you have a lot of experience building software, this is something you want to stay away from because the problem will be too big and expensive to solve. Don't worry because today, I have a live video example of how you can solve that problem and dig deeper so you can find the real root of the issue and build a product that wont cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. In this video, my good friend Josh Isaak is … [Read more...]

How to Find Problems People Will Pay You to Solve (Part 1)

Today, I’m going start teaching you a skill that will allow you to pull a profitable business idea out of thin air. It started for me last year in the foundation and it’s one of the most powerful, fun, and exciting things I’ve ever learned. It's such a big skill that I'm going to have to break it up into a few posts so this is the first of the series. It's called "idea extraction" and the concept is simple: Ask people in a market what they are struggling with to find a problem they are willing to pay to solve. Stop guessing and just ask :) But before you get started asking questions you should check out these posts. These steps come first. 8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You How to connect with your market to find a painful problem Sound good? Cool, let’s get after it. Your intro Whether you’ve cold called or scheduled a meeting you want to have a solid introduction to get you started… This is about the only time I ever used a “script”. Mine went … [Read more...]

315 Hours

2 hours per day for 5 and a half months. 315 hours of work. That’s how long it took me to go from no idea to launching my product. I know a lot you struggle with this… You want to start a business and create freedom for yourself, but you feel like you don’t have enough time. This is a limiting belief. It can be done. I did it, and you can too. It takes a lot of sacrifice and focus. But if you dedicate yourself to taking action and working on the most important things for 2 hardcore hours per day it can and will be yours. In this post I’m going to tell you the rules I made and habits I built into myself that made me succeed. Rule # 1 Stop consuming content that you do not need TODAY. I suffered from content addiction. I used to be obsessed. I used to read every piece of information on productivity, passive income, hacks … And I didn’t need half of it. This is a problem. Any information you can not use today is a distraction. Once I realized this was a … [Read more...]

Weird Tricks to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Hey everybody, Lots of people seem to be having trouble finding personal email addresses for people or decision makers in their market. Never fear, I've got you covered. Today’s post might be the easiest I’ll ever have to write. Reason is, I am going to give you the exact instructions I give my VAs to find these email addresses for me. These options might seem labor intensive and some of them are… But, when you can outsource it for a couple dollars an hour, it makes a lot of sense… Especially if you are not just doing “idea extraction” and have a specific target within your market like I do… That said, let’s get started. Start with directories Most markets have directories that list contacts within that market. This is the first thing you should look for once you pick your market. The easiest way to get emails is to scrape on of these lists. To find them search for {your market name} + {directory} or {your market name} + {association}. I just randomly tried this … [Read more...]

How to connect with your market to find a painful problem

Last post, I showed you how I chose my market. The next step reach out to them so you can ask them questions to find a painful problem that will lead you to building your first product. In this post you will learn my approach to reaching out to a market. It’s not the only way, but it’s what worked for me. Mindset When you are going to reach out to your market, the first thing you should do is think about where they are and what they are doing all day. For me, I knew physical therapists were busy with patients all day, so calling them and interrupting when they are with a patient is not a good idea. Email was the obvious first choice. Other markets that are manning the phones all day, like car dealers, might be easiest to cold call. Thinking this way is a great start, but next you want to take action and make some calls or send some emails to see what works. You won’t know what works until you test things out… I've seen people have success with cold calls, emails, LinkedIn … [Read more...]

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You

Loads of people have been asking me how I went about choosing my market and how I got to physical therapy practice owners. Choosing the right market for can make or break your situation. Yet many people overlook it completely and grasp at markets they've heard of others doing or just guess. You can build an amazing product that solves a real problem… But if you choose the wrong market there could be: - Not enough people to sell it to - The market could not have enough money to pay for it - Or you could build the product and eventually self-sabotage because you are not really interested in the market. In this post I’ll show you how I chose my market and I’ll share a few different resources I used to learn more (including how you can use a franchise business to give you all the info you need). Make a list of market ideas There are 2 ways of going about this. The first, is to list off industries you are interested in or that you think could be a good fit, then cut … [Read more...]

Why are there so many bugs?!?!?

Ever since I've started coaching people through building their first (or 100th) software product from newbs to established software companies I can't count the amount of times I've heard "Why are there so many #%$@# bugs!?!?!?". As a software people, we need to understand that bugs are part of the process. We also need to understand that it is not the developers job to find bugs. They're busy building your product and are only thinking of the use cases that they designed.  So when they test, they do not catch much. Their time is also better served building your product. If you've left testing to your developer you've probably came to the realization that you need to take this into your own hands and test yourself. This is great at first.Until you put out a few builds and find yourself doing the same thing over and over and over.  You hate it. Then you release to your first customer and you realize that not only do you hate it but you suck at it too. Don't worry. There … [Read more...]