Adventures building a software business.

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I’m Carl.

In the last 8 months I built a software product on the side while working a full time job at Tesla Motors (then left my job to pursue my dream).

You might have heard my story through the Foundation or on a few podcasts.

In this blog I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and all the roadblocks I hit along the way.

My goal is to help you do it too.

Enter your email to the right and I’ll send you a list of the resources I used to build my business and weekly updates on tactics and mindset that will hopefully help you reach your goals.



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  • David Webb

    Hey Carl, I just listened to your interview on Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast. Thanks for sharing your story and being open about the challenges that you have had to face down to push forward with your business. How much time did it take to get to a point of knowing which niche to focus on and what helped you keep focus on the repetitive phone calls?

    • Carl

      Hey David! Thanks! Really glad you reached out!

      1) How long did it take to choose a niche – I started off practicing my skills reaching out to dog daycare and used car dealerships. I did this for 1-2 weeks. Then I went through a bit of a more serious process to choose a market which I outlined in this blog post: I’d say I spent about 1 week looking at new market and another week on both Home Health and Physical Therapy, but really after just one or 2 calls I knew PT was going to be my market. Just loved talking to PTs and knew it would be a fun space for me to work in. In total it was less than 3 weeks to choose PT.

      2) What helped keep focus on repetitive calls – This is a tough question to answer and it’s probably worth it’s own entire blog post. I’d say knowing my “why” and looking at it daily helped a lot. By that I mean I have a google doc that lists out all my goals and why I am pursuing them. I read it every morning. This keeps be very motivated. Also… I loved the calls. I find the more you do, the better you get at making them, and the deeper you can go and the more you can connect with people. You learn more and more, adjust and keep going.

      Most importantly though its about forming a habit. I got used to my routine of sending out 50 emails out each night and doing 2 hours of calls every morning. I was on fire during this period and it’s because I formed a solid habit. Writing more about how I reached out to my market right now. Will post it soon…

      Hope that helps!

  • Raulcaro

    Hi Carl,

    Great job and I you have my prayers that you keep on going.

    Two questions:

    1) I’m the type who needs a structured method. Do you recommend the Foundation program? Have you checked any if the others like Internet Business Mastery? Maybe they are two different animals.

    2) I’m not a programmer but you had that background when you were putting this together.

    For those if us who don’t have this background, what process do you recommend we use to find the right programmer.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Carl

      Hey Raulcaro – Good questions!

      1) If you are really serious about wanting to start a business and you understand you why then I would highly recommend the foundation. Reason I say that is because the process works, but it’s not easy. You will be confronted with all kinds of challenges and mental blocks as you move through the steps. Many people quit because they don’t want it bad enough to get through these things… Another thing I can say is that the process and the content is great, but that is not the biggest benefit the foundation provides which is a change in mindset and a community of awesome people that are all going through the same thing with you. I’ve made lifelong friends there that help to push me forward.

      2) You don’t need to be a programmer. Yes I had a technical background, but my friends Esther who founded ShootZilla, and Josh who founded MySky didn’t have technical backgrounds either. This is just a limiting belief you have that you need that knowledge to succeed. You can solve this in a couple ways… Find a technical cofounder or just outsource it…

      Hope that helps!


  • Madeline

    Hello Carl,

    Just finished the podcast on Pat Flynn SPI and it was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and the challenges you’ve had. I am really excited to be part of your community and cheer you on to stay focus and get to the top. Your stories will inspire many from all over the world.

    Thank you again!
    Madeline Yau

    • Carl

      Thanks Madeline! Really glad you liked it and appreciate all the kind words.

      Have a killer weekend!


  • Tops

    Hey Carl, you delivered an awesome interview there at SPI. I got so many bits of wisdom that I promised myself to go over the interview again and again. I haven’t finished with it yet but felt compelled to visit the blog, which I find equally awesome. Thank you so much. By the way, the blog looks so sweetly simple.

    • Carl


  • Anthony Palavi


    Your interview and info is super interesting and helpful!

    • Carl

      Thanks Anthony!

  • Anthony Palavi

    Hey Carl,

    I would like ask a quick question: given that you got up at 5:30AM each morning and I assume started work at Tesla around 9AM, what hours did you find that businesses were open to answer your questions?

    The reason I ask is because I currently work an 8AM – 4 or 5PM job and want to make sure that I call business when they are open, which is usually around the same time I am working for somebody else.

    thanks a lot!

    • Carl

      Hey Anthony – It depends on the market and the person. What worked for me was sending emails and scheduling calls by asking when they are available and suggesting the morning.

      WIth other markets I just called.

      Also, keep time zones in mind. I called east from the west, so they were already working.

  • David Morse

    Hi Carl – what theme are you using for this site? I like it. It’s nice and clean.

    Congrats on your success! And thanks for telling your story and sharing your ideas.