Do You Want the Email Templates I Used to Get My First 100 Customers?

I make most of my initial sales for my businesses through email...

Over the years I’ve tried LOADS of templates and have gotten pretty good at it.

I’d like you to have the checklist I go through when writing cold emails and the best of my email templates (one of which is responsible for over $500,000 in sales).

Yes, Send Me Your Templates and Checklist

Where's The Best Place to Send It?

Carl is one of the most dedicated and genuine guys I know. I've known him for over 10 years and he's always been sincerely interested in seeing people succeed and giving them both the tools and critical feedback they need to make progress

Chris Keller
Chris Keller Founder of FollowUp.CC

“Carl is an absolute badass in all things business. He's taught me a lot about building companies and his determination is inspiring!”

Scott Britton
Scott Britton Founder of Life-Long
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